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Tinstree.com is the original online shopping destination for trusted footwear and unmatched values. With a focus on personalized shopping and your own styles, tinstree strives to match its customers with the perfect shoe. Tinstree.com offers a curated assortment of footwear and accessories, specializing in chic, comfortable, and casual footwear. 2020 has been established in it.  

Customer service number The number is not provided
Customer service email service@tinstree.com
AddressXingzezhi HK Ltd. Unit A 11/F Success Com Building 245-251 Hennessy Rd Hong Kong. 
Official website https://tinstree.com
Social SitesFacebook 

tinstree customer service 

Tinstree says that it is always there to provide customer service and help. tinstree says that it believes in providing excellent customer service and is dedicated to satisfying its customers. Please feel free to contact tinstree customer service whenever you need help with ordering, shipping, returns, or making suggestions.

tinstree customer service number   

There is no number made available for customer care on the official website of tinstree. The only way to contact tinstree is by email. If you have any issue related to tinstree then you can contact tinstree via email. 

tinstree customer service e-mail 

e-mail:- service@tinstree.com

tinstree will get back to you within 48 hours of receiving your email.

If you haven’t received any email updates about the issue, they may have been marked as spam. tinstree says that some email providers may mark our emails as spam or block them altogether. Check your spam folder for emails regarding your order and be sure to add Tinstree to your safe list.

If you have not received the order confirmation, do not place your order again unless you are sure that the order was not fulfilled or you may receive a duplicate order. If you are not able to track your order through the order status page, contact tinstree’s customer service team with your name and email address used to place the order.

tinstree Address:- Xingzezhi HK Ltd. Unit A 11/F Success Com Building 245-251 Hennessy Rd Hong Kong. 

(Note: This is not a return address, please contact customer service for returns and exchanges.) 

Rea:- Proactiv Phone Number

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tinstree Customer Review 

Tinstree’s customers who have bought goods from tinstree have shared their reviews All the reviews given here are reviews given by tinstree’s customers.

* Unfortunately I didn’t check it…

A customer of tinstree shared his review saying, unfortunately, I didn’t check this company and now after 4 emails trying to return them to the company they keep asking me why you don’t like them, Can you give them as a gift to someone? I’m giving them 2 more days to get the chargeback by my credit card company! Scam company for sure! 

* Don’t buy! 

Another customer of tinstree shared his review saying that the shoes on their website look really good and the prices are even better…don’t get fooled! I ordered two pairs of ankle booties that looked cute…well, they weren’t. Not only did it take almost two months to receive them, but the appearance and quality of the actual item(s) is terrible. Cheap material, of which I am sure it is not leather, as advertised. I don’t know how these “sellers” can legally get away with this kind of scam!?! The only solution is we the consumers. Be aware of such websites and do your due diligence before buying. If it sounds too good/cheap to be true, it is.

* terrible experience

Another customer of tinstree shared his review saying that the experience was similar to many negative reviews posted here. Bad quality, they sent the wrong size and didn’t exchange, etc. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing this in advance as the company only publishes 4-star or higher reviews. 

* Interesting to see all the bad reviews

Another customer of tinstree shared his review saying that it is interesting to see all the bad reviews. I bought some of the shoes after seeing them on an Instagram stylist I follow. They came straight from china in about 10-12 days and they are cute and fit.

* will not respond to returns

Another customer of tinstree shared his review saying I had bought from tinstree earlier and was satisfied. I thought their shoes were overpriced for the quality but I bought summer shoes. I thought I’d give them another chance and I received 2 pairs of shoes, one of which was a Christmas gift. It took 3 weeks to get here and was $90. They don’t like the picture and are at least one size too big. I reached out to them twice to revert but no one would respond. 

tinstree Website Review 

Positive highlights of tinstree 

  • This website is (very) old.
  • This website is considered popular by Tranco with tinstree ranking.
  • SSL certificate is valid.
  • According to Flashstart, this website does not contain phishing or malware.

Negative highlights of tinstree 

  • This website has received negative reviews
  • There are a large number of questionable websites on this server
  • The website owner is using a service to hide his identity on WHOIS
  • We tried to parse the contents of the site but were unsuccessful
  • This website has been flagged as a threat by DNSFilter in the last 30 days
  • This website has been reported on ScamAdvisor as a possible scam 

tinstree shoes reviews

picture judgment

The pictures of the shoes on the website do not look exactly like what you will receive in the mail actually completely different shoes. So crazy that they were even ordered as Christmas gifts. Even if you decide to actually get a knockoff of their posting the size is wrong. 

* Tinstree is not a good company. Scam‼️‼️‼️😒😕

I ordered shoes for tinstree. Cheaper than the above. The shoes fell apart within an hour of my wearing them. Very cheap plastic that they paint on and it starts to peel off. 🙄 I’m not very happy with this purchase. Please don’t buy from this company. 

* I ordered three pairs of shoes

I ordered three pairs of shoes, and they were terrible. They don’t fit correctly, it’s very painful when you put your feet in, they smell horrible to them, they look ugly, they don’t fit correctly, and finally, They don’t look good. They are cheaply made, and I am in the process of returning them.

Return and Exchange status from tinstree 

tinstree gladly accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days of receipt of most items in new condition. Before you decide to return or exchange something, please read tinstree’s return and exchange terms carefully and make sure the item you want to return meets the following conditions:

  1. You have 30 days to decide if an item is right for you, if not, you may return your item within 30 days of receipt of most items in SURE-NEW condition.
  1. Items with non-returnable marks and free gifts cannot be returned.
  1. Items returned must be in their unused condition with original packing. tinstree does not accept returned items worn, damaged, washed, or altered in any way.
  1. tinstree does not accept returned items that were sent back directly by you without checking with tinstree first.
  1. tinstree does not offer a Freight To Collect (FTC) service for packages returned to tinstree. Returns will be made at your own expense.  

tinstree shipping

As per Tintree’s shipping policy, great care is taken to ensure that items are delivered to Tintree’s customers as quickly as possible.

It normally takes 1-3 business days for your order to be processed according to Tintree and about 5-15 business days for standard shipping once the online tracking number arrives. 

Tinstree is valid

Tinstry customers who have purchased items from Tinstry share their reviews. 
Some customers of Tinstree have negative reviews about Tinstree and some customers have positive reviews. 
All the reviews given here are the reviews provided by the customers of tinstree . 
This website is not legit as per Tinstry’s customer experience. 
Because most of the customers have given it a negative review. 

Where is Tinstree located?

Tintree Address:- Xingzhi HK Limited Unit A 11/F Success Com Building 245-251 Hennessy Road Hong Kong.

Is Tinstree a legit Website

This website has received negative reviews. There are a large number of questionable websites on this server. The website owner is using a service to hide his identity on WHOIS. I tried to parse the content of the site but failed. This website has been flagged as damaged by DNSFilter in the last 30 days. This website has been reported on Scam Advisor as a zone scam.

tinstree shoes are legit

Many customers have shared their experiences with Tinstree Shoes. A customer sharing his review about tinstree shoes said: I tried to return a review on tinstree website and they never posted it saying it was accepted by admin. I bought a pair of sneakers. The quality of these shoes is very poor.
The sole of the shoes is believed to be rubber and they are made of slippery plastic. Because of this, it looks like I am wearing dress shoes. With that said, the stitching is off, causing the material to buckle in some places. The shoes were in what appeared to be one of the ziplock bags strewn about. I didn’t get a receipt slip or a receipt, so I’m not even going to bother trying to return the

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