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If you are an old customer of T mobile or want to take its service, then you must know about t mobile phone number, because it is very important to have good customer service of any company. In this post, complete information about t mobile phone number has been given.

T-Mobile is a brand name used in the Czech Republic, Poland (T-Mobile Polska), and the United States (T-Mobile) by some of the mobile communications subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG.

Product TypeTelecom
Started1996; 27 years ago
MarketCzech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, USA,
ClosedAustria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovakia, United Kingdom,
Social Sites Instagram

T Mobile Phone Number

Shopping T Mobile Phone Number

T-Mobile Phone Number for Personal:- 1-800-T-MOBILE

The phone number for business: is 1-866-965-0526

For general customer service and technical support, call the T-Mobile phone at 1-800-937-8997 from the T-Mobile app. If you need technical support, please call from a different phone so that the T-Mobile service team can troubleshoot the issue with you. 

Internet T Mobile Phone Number

Home Internet Sales Phone Number: 1-844-839-5057

Home Internet Tech phone number: 1-844-275-9310

International Caller T Mobile Phone Number

t mobile phone number: 1-505-998-3793

Calling this number from T-Mobile will not incur call roaming, airtime, or long-distance charges. Calls to this number from landlines and non-T-Mobile phones will incur international long-distance charges plus other additional charges as applicable. t mobile customer care representatives are available to assist you daily from 4 am to midnight. 

Tty T Mobile Phone Number 

TTY service is available to assist those who cannot speak or hear.

You call 1-800-676-3777 via TTY toll-free. TTY service is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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T Mobile Short Code 

You can dial the shortcode below as if you were making a phone call, click “send” and t mobile customer service will give you the information you need. t mobile’s service is fast, easy, and free! 

Dial the short code to dial:- 

  • Dial the #BAL# (#225#) short-code for your account balance and past payment information.
  •  Use the #MIN# (#646#) shortcode for your minutes for the current billing cycle.
  • Use the #MSG# (#674#) shortcode for your message for the current billing cycle.


If you want to pay your bill online or by phone, you can call 1-877-453-1304. 

T Mobile All Phone Number List

For more information on new customers, trading accounts, porting, technical support, corporate offices, order support, and prepaid customer service, please call the numbers listed below.

T Mobile ServicePhone Number
New Customers844-586-1308
Customer Service 800-866-2453
Business Account888-537-4242
Technical Support877-453-1304
Order Support800-672-5390
Corporate Office425-378-4000
Customer Care877-746-0909
Toll-Free 800-937-8997

How To Contact T Mobile

  • Thank you so much for calling the T-Mobile information line from you when you called. Press one for English, it will be spoken.
  • If you are an existing customer and would like to exchange your existing handset or speak to T Mobile Customer Care for billing and account information, press one.
  • To get started, please speak or enter your mobile number with the first area code, or say, “I don’t have one.”
  • Press two to become a new T-Mobile customer,
  • For all questions about moving your number to T-Mobile, press three.
  • If you want to activate a newly received T Mobile phone, press four,
  • press 7 to repeat all these options  

T mobile operating hours:

T Mobile customer service representatives are available from 3 AM to 10 PM. and PT, daily, automated account support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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T Mobile Customer Service

t mobile customer service phone number:- 800-937-8997

Time:- 6-10 am EST

You can contact T-Mobile’s customer service department through the numbers above, social media, live chat, and the contact form. 

 Number:- 800-937-8997 

Live Chat:- https://support.t-mobile.com/community/contact-us  

T Mobile Email:- Customercare@t-mobilesupport.com

How To Call T Mobile Customer Service

If your problem does not require technical support, you can either call T-Mobile at its toll-free number or contact them by dialing 611 from your T-Mobile phone. 

If your problem requires technical support, T-Mobile asks that you try calling them from a device other than the one you’re calling about. This allows a T-Mobile customer service representative to run tests on the device with the problem.

T-Mobile has separate numbers for its business and residential service divisions. And the mobile also has a separate number for those who want to report call problems in rural areas.

If you are traveling overseas, you can call a dedicated international line for assistance. Calls to this line from a T-Mobile device are free long-distance, roaming, or airtime. 

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T Mobile Best Toll-free Phone Number

800-937-8997 phone number is T-Mobile’s best phone number because 130,326 customers like you used contact information on this number over the last 18 months. Common problems addressed by their customer service team that answers calls at 800-937-8997 include payment arrangements, updating account information, dispute fees, account access, device support, and other customer service issues. 

The T-Mobile call center you call has employees in New Mexico, Texas, and the Philippines and is open Mon-Sun 6 am-10 pm EST, according to customer service.

Reasons to Call T Mobile Customer Service 

Customers call T-Mobile for several reasons, which are listed below:- 

  • order a new phone 
  • for technical support 
  • Adding Additional Services to an Existing Plan
  • Questions about billing issues 
  • Set up, change, or cancel wireless service

T mobile call Response 

t mobile phone number to dial:- 800-937-8997

Call-back Available:- Yes

The call will be picked up by a real person: – Yes

Customer ServiceCall Center Hours: – Mon-Sun 6 AM-10 PM EST

Best time to call:-  7:30 am

Alternate Methods: – Phone, Chat, Web, Twitter, Facebook

Quality of help:- 53%

Customer Vote:-  7,289 

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How do customers feel after calling T Mobile Customer Service?

T-Mobile has considered every aspect of customer service and has provided representatives with advanced training. To help them meet customer needs, T-Mobile made a significant business comeback in 2018 by investing in its customer service department. Generally, customer feedback from talking to T-Mobile customer service is positive, but there is some negative feedback as well. Areas of complaint sometimes include representatives providing incorrect information to callers.

Existing Customer

If you would like to contact T-Mobile customer care or technical support, dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone, or call the number below.

 Call Number:-   (800) 937-8997

New Customers

Call the number below if you’d like to start a new account with T-Mobile or have any questions about their services. T-Mobile’s customer service is available 24/7 to assist you!

 Call number:– 866-219-0324 


how to change phone number t mobile?

Log in to Account Hub. Go to your account. If you have more than one benefit, select Ranking. 3. From the Lines library, select the three dots to draw the line and change the number.

can you transfer t mobile prepaid number to new iPhone?

There is no charge to transfer your phone number. For wireless Nanotact, the transfer will be completed in 10 minutes to 24 hours. For landlines, the transfer can take up to 2 to 10 days. Call us: This much it’s easy! Call us at 1-800-937-8997 and tell us you’re ready to switch!

how to block a number on t mobile?

If you want to block any number in your mobile then follow the steps given below:- 1. First of all download the free scam shield app on your t mobile. 2. Then activate your Scam ID and Scam Block features. 3. Dial #662# from your T-Mobile device. 4. Then log in to T-Mobile.com or the T-Mobile app, once logged in you will see an option to turn on Scam Block 5. Dial 611 from your T-Mobile device to talk to T Mobile Turn on the scam block for your one-digit numbers.

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