RHODUbai' supermegacelebrity channel Ayaan well-knownshows losing tears 

Channel Ayan found out on this week's episode, "They tied us to the mattress and we have been circumcised." 

In this week's episode of Real Housewives of Dubai channel Ayaan well-knownshows a massive deal approximately his past 

During a hypnotherapy session, Chanel tearfully found out that as younger children, her

And his older sister became circumcised and his own circle of relatives did not know

"At the age of 5, my aunt and my grandmother got here to take us to every other city

Chanel advised the physician that she held co-supermegacelebrity Dr Sara al-Madani's hand

Then they took us to this man's residence and that they tied us to mattress and we have been circumcised."

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