Shapellx Reviews । Shapellx Neosweat Reviews

If you are an existing customer of Shapellx or about to become one then you must also know about Shapellx Reviews. Shapellx Reviews are given in this post.

Shapellx Reviews । Shapellx Neosweat Reviews
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Shapellx Reviews

Given below are the reviews given by the customers of Shapellx –

*  plus size dress

It’s an amazingly shaped outfit, foam to hang on but I was struggling to fit into it.  Unfortunately, I can order a size too small.  I ordered XL/2XL instead of 3XL/4XL.  Was the place of my last purchase and maybe if I had bought this order in the proper size I would have got better reviews if not excellent 

*  Great Customer Service

I ordered the Contour Built-in Shaper Dress but received the Large Sleeve Floor-Length Dress. I contacted the customer and instead of exchanging they offered long-lasting wear and re-ordering as originally ordered. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!  

* I am very excited to shop on Shapellx for the third time…

I have bought 2 other shapewear one I use for going out and one for work and I am in love with them! I recommend it!

* The website was not responding when I clicked make…

The website was not responding when clicking through to make sure you’re not a robot sort of thing, but other than that all is good. It’s like my 5th time buying shapewear, I’m buying a new one for my new job, I have one for work, one for my current job, 2 for going out, and this one for the new job I will use for! can not wait 


Returning Customer! Good quality, the brand is constantly evolving to bring you comfortable everyday items that also deliver support, style, results, variety, dependability, and great customer service.

* “You never posted that my product is coming from China”

You never posted my product was coming from China. It’s taking forever and if it’s not right I’m stuck with it as it will cost more than it’s worth sending it back.

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* Site loads a little slow but other than that it was smooth…

The site loads a bit slowly but other than that it was easy to use and access. so far so good* EASY I HOPE I CAN RECEIVE MY SHAPEWEAR FAST AS OTHER…I’ve bought this before and I love it! 

* Easy access to the website, 10% off

Easy access to the website, a small 10% discount, and great promotions on social media influenced me to buy. Now the product has to impress me.

* Always feel good and excited after placing my order

Always feel great and excited after placing my order, can’t wait to receive it. I love your products this is my 5th shapewear! 

*  Best Service!!!

The way they interact with their customers is amazing!  I can’t count how many times I get emails about my purchases and experiences.  It’s been great!!! 

* I love my new shaper so much I’m ordering a friend…

I love my new shaper so much that I’m having my friend order one more item for me. It keeps you firm yet comfortable. I can do squats in it…it’s so comfortable. It’s made of good material… it’s not cheap flimsy material. The legs stay in place and do not turn. I love it! highly recommend! 

* It’s a pleasure shopping here!

It’s a pleasure to shop here! The choice for any occasion. The fit is so comfortable and it does its job! 

* I left that out because I bought one of these waistbands…

I gave up on that because I bought one of these waistband wraps and it was a fake. I was just waiting to see if it was real. If not refund. I’m sorry I don’t have money. waste Looks like in the video real ppl are trying to wrap real waistbands. (Shapellx attempted to assist this customer through the Site Jabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond) 

* I had a great experience today

I had a great experience today. I like that your products fit true to size. This is my second purchase, my first order fit so beautifully that I had to buy more items. 

* Happy Customers

Nice website, user-friendly, and excellent product! It is pigmented and I have searched through a few different types this has been the most comfortable ladies! I saw the video and this item appears to be exactly what I was looking for 

*  proper was proper

The price was reasonable. The physical feel of the products is good.  Loved the hook closure for easy access to the toilet.  I was struggling with the size.  I think there will be a video (which shall be animated) of the products being connected correctly. 

 I love to see products that have Velcro or hook closures around the belly area for a more precise fit.  Overall, if you can find the right size, I believe it’s worth the buy. 

* Reviews helped decide to buy, watch...

Reviews helped me decide to buy, checked to see if my wife likes it. She hit a plateau about 5 years ago and she’s tried everything, but nothing seems to be working g. I get emails and reviews that helped me decide to try it. 

* This product is great just ordered 2 and am satisfied… 

This product is great just ordered 2 more satisfied customers. It is very comfortable making your bootie look perfect. And I feel it is shaping my curves. Sure bye! Good material for plus-size women  


I have piloted 3 working trainers and just delivered my 4th!!  I’m going to go down a size because the 3-in-1 is indicated so my go-and-go are the go-to targets.  Their customer service is amazing and returns/exchanges are easy and quick, and you get your value just as fast.  I recommend them to everyone because I have used 4 clippings and they are my ultimate favorite.  Now 6X Bigger!!! 

* I like Shapellx.

I appreciate the quick response to my need for a larger size. Finding the right support wear can be difficult and their customer service makes shopping for these items very comfortable. Thanks and will hear from you next time. I had a size problem with my first order and Ophelia helped me with my next purchase by providing me with a gift card so I could buy a bigger size 

* My wife likes the product

Excellent service and good quality fabric and material It’s a little uncomfortable at first it’s getting better every time I wear it Lots of compliments on how fabulous I looked in this dress I Haven’t worn in a long time which made me feel better about myself. And they couldn’t tell that she was wearing anything supportive. 

*y hope it fits!

y hope it fits! I would recommend it to others

* I wanted to pay for 2 to 3 day shipping but it was not…

I wanted to pay for 2 to 3-day shipping but it was not giving me that option. I am traveling on 2nd December can I get this before.

  • The site is very easy to use
The site is very easy to use. I was happy with the result before and after my purchase. I needed something to party with and feel good about myself. 
* I like Shapellx.

I appreciate the quick response to my need for a larger size. Finding the right support wear can be difficult and their customer service makes shopping for these items very comfortable. Thanks and will hear from you next time. I had a size problem with my first order and Ophelia helped me with my next purchase by providing me with a gift card so I could buy a bigger size 

* There was a problem with the website showing afterpay...

There was a problem with the website showing the after-pay option, tried with different devices until it finally showed up. been on it for 1 hour

Shapellx Neosweat Reviews 

so far so good!

Just got it yesterday and tried it for the first time today. I think this is my first time using this and I am yet to see results but I wanted to post an early review. I plan to update this review in a month, hence the 4 stars. 

If I see the results of this I will change how many stars this should get! I took waist and tummy measurements and will take them in a month to see if I’ve lost any inches. I did not use the cream it came with as my skin is somewhat sensitive and I was afraid I would have an allergic reaction.

*Very good!

Received my order last night, which I ordered less than 7 days ago.  It came quickly. Baba this is the best material ever, you hear me?  A few things I love about this product: 1. The arm trimmers are the soft part of the whole thing velcro so all the pain of trying to fit it goes away. 

The waist trimmer goes over my pubis and that part is just below my boobs3.  I never thought I could get anything to fit into the Thunder Thigh.  The thigh trimmers fit like a glove without cutting off my circulation and it’s adjustable 4″.  Once you put it on, you’re either ready to walk the streets with it so everyone can see it or it makes you want to work either way, I love it 

*Comfortable and soft

This dress is soft and comfortable. I bought black and brown, they both fit the same. It’s got the vibe, it’s classy. I hope they have more colors. I don’t have a very curvy shape, but this dress makes the most of what I do have!

* Happy Love!!!

I love the comfort you feel with these shapers. It’s not like that… Life is ******** happening to you! Super soft material that allows your little girl to breathe. Still pulling in areas that need attention. 

* Great

It fits you can wear it all day long without any problem, it is very comfortable. I ordered an extra large, but I’ll probably go back for a size larger to look even more f******. 

* Great fit!

I’ve used it with straight straps, crossed back, and without straps! It does not matter! very comfortable! The price was good and shipping was fast! Thank you very much!!!

* Nice dress.

It is very beautiful and comfortable. I originally ordered the X-Large and it felt too loose for me since I am still in the process of losing weight I returned it and down the next size, and it was perfect! I paired it with a blazer and it was the perfect work outfit! 

If you want to get out of your comfort zone!!

If you want the cleaning of the house to sweat more than usual, then buy it. Buy this if you want to feel tricked and forced to have a seat in line. If you ask your neighbors, friends, or family members “What in the world are you wearing?” Then buy th… The overall suggestion is to have your hair up and wear tight spandex-type clothes on the bottom.

* Great piece

This shaper is super comfortable and looks great too! I ordered an XL. I am 5’1 and 180 lbs. I think I could have done a lot. This shaper corrects everything and also provides bust support (40D). Will buy it again. Wish it came in more colors.

* Very satisfied

I am very happy, very satisfied with everything I have bought from Shapellx. Every woman should own at least 2 of her products. They are here to bring back the confidence that we as big girls have lost in wearing tight body dresses and jeans. thanks, Shapellx

* There’s room in my jeans

I’m 196 5’7, size 12/14, I originally bought xl/2xl. I had to exchange for M/L. The exchange process was quick and easy. Once I tried the M/L on it fit perfectly, it tucked my stomach in. That’s why I bought it. my favorite jeans fit me very well..thanks

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I didn’t want to embarrass myself like this but I wanted to help you with sizing. As you can see I decided to put it directly on my skin. I have the 3x and am glad that I didn’t get the 4x or 5x like I started to. I’m on my cycle so I’m a little fluffier than I would be normally. I’m 285 lbs in this pic. I’m more bottom-heavy than the top but the 3x fits me perfectly. There is no slipping and it is secure with the hook, zipper, and two straps.

The material is thick, durable, and comfortable to wear. If the straps on the thighs were flatter, I could get away with wearing it under a regular outfit but that is not the case so I’ll be wearing it around the house only. I’m very happy I purchased it. I also purchased the arm straps (not pictured) and so far they seem okay. No slipping. It is kind of hard to pull the straps tight but I make it work. 

* Every girl needs one!

Very good! I was surprised at the quality… the material was thick, not thin feeling… fit me like a glove. True size with a little stretch. Don’t think just buy! 

* Dear!!

It’s very cute. Black is perfect. The dress feels very soothing to the skin. The dress is a nice length, making it perfect for many occasions. Very easy to dress up or dress down. 

* Flattering Swimsuit

The very thought of wearing a swimsuit during our upcoming vacation scared me, especially since I’ve put on some unwanted weight over the years. But wow…the suit is fitted in all the right places, creating a flattering fit. nice suit! 

* big but nice

I am 5’1 and 180 pounds. Hip 50″, Waist 34″, Bust 38″. I ordered a size M/L. It is form-fitting but not tight. I will order a smaller one to see if it works better. Also, The length is below my knees. But the material is good. And it is comfortable.

* If you put in the work, it will work!

I don’t usually go for exercise. Gimmick?? Like this but I must say, this is not a gimmick. it works. You have to put in the work though, it doesn’t magically work on its own. I’ve been using this with my HIIT/cardio workouts for about a month now and the amount of sweat I get while I’m doing it is incredible. It helped me trim my tummy/waist which has been one of my most difficult-to-target areas. 

I have been working 5-6 days a week for 8 years and wish I could get it sooner. It is very comfortable and easy to move in. My skin has not been irritated by it, I wear it under my workout clothes. The gel sample that came with it was good.

* Must have a black dress

Love, love, love this outfit!!! Fits perfectly with my curvy body.

* Wonderful

I haven’t had one for about 2 years now and it’s time for me to buy another. Amazing quality and snatches in all the right places. I sized down because I wanted it to fit better. 

*Does it work?

I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks now. It’s a little tricky starting out zipping up from the bottom, but once you’ve zipped up a few inches the rest is easy. I wear it for 8-12 hours during work. Bending is a little tricky but bending at your waist is a good reminder that this thing helps with posture a lot. 

When I take it off for the first time after being on it all day, parts of my lower abdomen have disappeared!! Of course, it doesn’t stay like this permanently. So it works!!!! It takes persistence and proper wear time, it is not an instant fix but a slow-changing fix and I love it!!

* likes pants

I was sent the wrong size 2 times. But I emailed and they corrected it and sent me the correct one. I love them. I’m glad I waited for the right size. 

* best bodysuit shapewear

I love this shapewear. It snatches but is also very comfortable. The cheesy part surprisingly makes it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. I recommend it.

*Plus Size Friendly! I’m in love!!

Ok…let me be real for those who need it as I needed it. No, I am not paid for or receive anything special for posting a review. I am a plus-size mother of 5 years old. I weigh just over 450 lbs, so it’s hard to find a sauna suit or shapewear that doesn’t roll down, move, or suffocate me when I wear it. 

I ordered a 6xl and was worried it wouldn’t fit but have to say I love my Shapellx sauna shaper!! It is very strong, safe, and works with a **** sweat. I walk, work out, and do household chores wearing it. It doesn’t budge once applied! No rolling, no pinching, I can breathe with this on!!!

* Great concept, reduce the size

It is a nice garment but it was too big, I would need a size smaller than my normal clothes size.

* Incredible!

I love this product! It tucks me in at the waist and also doubles as a great bra. Also, it is very comfortable and easy to wear under clothes. 

Ladies… just get over it.

I never really write reviews, but this thing warrants it. After having three kids in a relatively shorperiodme, I’ve become self-conscious about having a loose belly, back fat, and just feeling chunky in general. I bought a backless dress for my trip to the beach and I’m bound and determined to wear it with confidence, but it requires a change in my lifestyle. y don’t sweat that much and a friend recommended looking into sweatbands and waist slimming. 

I had it yesterday and took it with me to the gym today.1. Very small size. I’m usually a large and the medium fit well 2. Let me be clear that I use balm too, but after I’ve finished my workout, I go with my sister to the car and take it off before I drive off. Funnily enough, some geeky friend in a jeep parked next to us noticed and said I thought you dropped the water bottle.

 Nah bro, it’s just a pound of water weight blowing off the magic sweat band.3. It fits comfortably and you can be completely flexible. 4. I haven’t been paid to write this. I’m just one part of a woman trying to lose 35 pounds.

* game changer

Overall my experience has been great! I love wearing it to work! It looks and feels right.  

* How good!

Took forever to receive my order. forever!! But once I received my order, I was satisfied. It does exactly what it says it will do. I love it and will order more. 

* Very good

The item was great – comfortable enough for shapewear. Gave me the confidence to wear fitted dresses after losing 50 pounds. 

* Great product at a reasonable price.

The length of the garment on my torso can be long for my body so it tends to roll up and it hurts if it stays rolled up too long but overall I am satisfied and I will be ordering more of your products.

*has the ability

I have just received my waist trimmer and it is a very good quality product but watch the size. I’m about 5’9 about 300 pounds and I wear size 18 to 20 pants.  I ordered a 4X and it is way too small.  I wear a 2X when I put on shirts and stuff so I thought it was going to be too big and it would be hard to zip up.  I hope it gets easier with time.  It’s great quality material and I’m glad I ordered 

Is Shapellx Black Owned 

Yes, Black owns. 

Lots of customers who have bought Black Dress have shared their experiences. 

One customer experience  I had never bought anything like this before so I didn’t know what to expect but I was very satisfied with the results. It is very tight and form-fitting but still allows you to move around comfortably. 

This is a product you should take the time and look at the size chart and how to take your measurements, I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t have got the right size if I didn’t and it ended up perfect for me. 

Shapellx is a legit company 

Yes, Shapellx is a legit company and wonderful company. many customers have wonderful experiences with Shapellx. Sharing my review of custom said I bought 3 items from them and one is on the way. 

The quality of my products, size, and every detail are superb. In addition, Shapellx has a consumer rating of 4.71 stars out of 16,053 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchase. 


Where Does Shapellx Ship From 

In-stock products from Shapellx are shipped from the USA. Shapellx’s chart is located in the US ca. 
Shapellx also ships to several countries, so Shapellx has partnered with top retailers and distributors around the world to ensure that you’re only receiving the highest quality products. 

How long does it take for Shape Excel to ship?

Shop Excel shipping times do not include the short 1-3 business days it takes to ship out orders.  Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to be massaged.  And please wait 3-10 business days for the order’s arrival. (Do not update orders placed after 1:00 PM on a Saturday until the following Monday) 

Where is Shapellx located? 

Most of Shapellx’s in-stock products are shipped from the United States. Shapellx’s US warehouse is located in CA. Office:- 401 W Divestment Drive, Orlando, FL 32804. The Warehouse:- 8333 Rochester Ave, Maxim 109, Rancho Cucamonga, California, 91730, USA. Corporate Office Address:- Shapellx 8333 Rochester Avenue, Suite 109 Rancho Cucamonga, California 917303 United States. 

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