Ponniyin Selvan: First single released 

The makers of Mani Ratnam’s ‘Ponniyin Selvan Part 1’ officially announced the release of the first single earlier this week. Composed by Oscar Nayagan AR Rahman, the song ‘Ponni Nadhi’ is slated to release on July 31 at 6 PM. Now, we have exclusive details about the single launch event.

Ponniyin Selvan: First single released

Lyca Productions and Madras Talkies unveiled a new poster of the song. The song is sung by Isai Puyal ARR himself while the lyrics are penned by Elango Krishnan. As per the latest reports, a grand solo launch event is planned by the team at Express Avenue Mall tomorrow at 6 pm. Karthi and Jayam Ravi will attend the grand ceremony.

The first single from Mani Ratnam’s iconic work Ponniyin Selvan I – Meet Kaveri was released on Sunday evening at a grand launch event. The accompanying lyrical video also gave a glimpse of the grand scale of the film and some of the scenes. But fans were more focused on composing and reuniting Mani and composer AR Rahman, who walked away with praise for the song. 

The song, even describing the beauty of the river, the crops, the women of the kingdom and the bravery of the people of the land, is a reminder to the messenger with the task and speed on his hands. He has to complete it. The lines suggest that he should see the Ponni river before the sun sets.

The song and spectacular visuals, shot by Ravivarman, were met with applause by the people who gathered at the mall in large numbers for the launch. On popular demand, the number was shown twice and played three times, much to the delight of the attendees.

The song, a song for River Kaveri, is composed by AR Rahman with vocals by Rahman, Swagat Rathod and Pooja Tiwari. Hindi lyrics are written by Mehboob. The name of the Tamil version of the song is Ponni Nadhi. It is sung by Rahman, AR Rehannah and Bamba Bakya with lyrics by Elango Krishnan.

The video gives a glimpse of the landscape of the erstwhile Chola Empire on which the film is made. There are also pictures and scenes showing Karthi’s character Vallavarayan Vandiyadevan traveling through the Chola countryside. Sharing the Tamil version of the song on Twitter, the actor wrote, “When I first heard this song, I felt like I was riding in the Chola kingdom! pure magic! Join me on this journey.” 

Along with Rahman’s music, his singing was also appreciated by the fans. One fan commented, “Over and over again, ARR proves why he’s the best. Pure class is written all around.” Another said, “I can’t stop hearing this. It is beautifully composed.” One fan expressed the praise of many others, saying, “AR Rahman is not a singer or a musician, he is a magician.” Many fans also noted that How Rahman used modulation of voice in his singing, which he rarely does.” In his (ARR) musical journey of 30 years, I think this is the first time he has used a different tone in the same song. used the voice of,” read a comment.

Ponniyin Selvan, based on Kalki’s epic novel, is produced by Mani Ratnam’s Madras Talkies. Lyca Productions is releasing the film. The first part will be released in cinemas across the world on 30 September. Apart from Karthi, it also stars Vikram, Jayam Ravi, Aishwarya Rai and Trisha. The film is a historical epic set in medieval times and focuses on the king Raja Cholan, also known as Ponniyin Selvan. 

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