Best Phone Number For Walmart Pharmacy

Phone Number For Walmart Pharmacy

Mobile Supercenter’s pharmacy offers simple and affordable options for managing your medications, online over the phone and in person at 5245 Rangeline Service Rd S, Mobile, AL 36619, with convenient 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. From filling your prescription to getting your flu shot, to learn more about the high-quality care and services the pharmacy provides, call Walmart at 251-666-7972. Walmart is here to simplify the process of getting the medications you need and taking advantage of a wide range of other helpful healthcare services.

Phone Number For Walmart Pharmacy

Walmart Pharmacy Customer Service Number

Having trouble finding what you need online? Can you call and check if your prescription is ready before you drop by the pharmacy? Some products may be waiting for you at the counter when you come to pick up your prescription. All this and much more are available through the Walmart Pharmacy customer service number. Customer convenience and accessibility have always been a cornerstone of the Walmart business, and it continues to be so today. Store, or over the phone, you’ll still get the customer service you deserve. 

Customer Service Number: 1-800-273-3455

Walmart Pharmacy Mailing Address

702 SW 8th St

Bentonville, AR, 72716

Walmart Pharmacy Customer Support Website

The Walmart Pharmacy Customer Support site is here to take care of your pharmacy shopping concerns. Here you’ll find out how to arrange to pick up your prescriptions, what kind of insurance the pharmacy takes, and how to save money by choosing generic versions of your favorite name-brand drugs. You can schedule regular pickups using the mobile pharmacy app and you can also arrange for delivery through it. Whatever you need to make your pharmacy visit easier, you can find it through the customer support site. 

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Walmart Customer Service

Walmart Customer Service Phone Number

ServicePhone Number
Toll-Free Number(800) 925-6278
Call customer service(877) 968-6391
Walmart Product Care Plan(800) 966-6546
Discounts/ Rewards/ Cashback:(800) 571-1376 
Additional Fax NumbersGeneral Info: +1614-921-9866 

Walmart Location 

Corporate Office Address:

Walmart Corporate

702 SW 8th Street

Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-0160

United States 

Walmart Hotline

When you call the Walmart hotline, the first thing you have to do is select your preferred language. After this, you are given a list of options to choose from. 

The options list is as follows:- 

  • online shopping
  • in-store purchase
  • track an order
  • help return
  • general inquiry
  • for something else

If you select options 1, 2, or 3 from the given options, you will be asked to enter your order number or zip code. And if you choose option 4, you’ll be asked for your order number, zip code, and reason for your return. Once you provide this information, you will be connected to a Walmart customer service representative who can help you with your problem and inquiry. 

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Walmart Live Chat

Walmart also offers a live chat service if you’d like to speak with a Walmart representative online. The live chat option is on the Walmart website under the ‘Customer Service’ tab. 

When you click on it, you will be taken to a page where you can select the issue you are concerned about from a list. You will then need to provide your contact information and order number (if applicable). Once you do that, you will be connected to a customer service representative who can help you with your issue or query. 

Walmart Pharmacy Social Media

Walmart can provide you with everything you need to know how to make the most of your shopping experience. When you use Walmart’s social media, you can come across new deals on Walmart products, tips to speed up your shopping journey, and more.

Social Medialinks
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What to do if Walmart customer service is down?

If you need assistance at any time other than Walmart customer service hours, you can contact Walmart’s 24/7 customer support line through the number 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278).

You can also speak to another member of staff at the Walmart store who may be able to assist you with your problem. 

What Time Does Customer Service Close At Walmart

If you need to visit the customer service desk at Walmart, you must know the Walmart customer service opening and closing hours beforehand.

Weekdays: 8 AM – 10 PM

Weekends: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Holiday: 8 AM to 6 PM

However, the timings above may vary depending on the store closest to you, so it would be a good idea to check with your local store before you head to the store. Also note that the desk will stop taking questions two hours before closing, so if you need to speak to someone, it’s best to do so earlier in the day.

What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Open For Returns

Typically, Walmart allows customers to make returns between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday through Sunday. Depending on your local Walmart location, the customer service desk’s hours of operation may also vary, so always double-check before visiting.

What is the best time to return to Walmart?

If you would like to return an item to Walmart and avoid the hassle of returning an item, you should try to avoid returning an item when the customer service desk is closed. This saves you the stress of potentially being asked to come back the next day. And if you want to avoid long queues, be sure to visit the item customer service desk during off-peak hours, when fewer customers are usually in the store. 

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Walmart Customer Reviews 

* I received a postcard from Walmart…

I received a postcard from Walmart asking me to review an electric power washer. I followed all the instructions and never received the gift card. Don’t review items from Walmart this is a scam that will not send gift cards. 

* 80 dollars done!!! for free!!!!!

Ordered an item worth $80. I never received it so I checked the app and it said it was delivered… IN TEXAS IM IS IN NEW YORK. OK for a refund but the original card I used was blocked for fraud so now I can’t get a refund and gave them $80 for nothing!!!!!!! 

* The girls looked fully decked up on the stage

The girls looked fully decked up on the stage! Pink sparkly dresses were perfect for her performance. Completely satisfied with my purchase. Delivery took 2 days! Wow… even with my weekly shop at Walmart I am still impressed with the high quality the clothes were made of. Love this shop, makes my week whenever a trip is needed 

This could have been perfect except I was…

It could have been perfect except I was charged for 3 dozen eggs and didn’t get them. Tried calling the shopkeeper but no one answered. I either want a refund or my eggs. 

* We only shop at Walmart if…

We only shop at Walmart if we’re desperate. I went there a while back and there were no checkers open, only self-checking. My cart was full and was very upset to learn that I would have to use self-checkout. A very nice lady helped me though, I will never go to Self-Check or Walmart again if I can help it. I have talked to many people in my city and they are also not going back.  

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