Naomie Olindo and Paige DeSorbo get in a warmed contention over Craig Conover in Thursday’s episode of “Southern Charm.”

“There is no relationship like I feel like you’re somewhat coming at me,” Olindo, 30, tells DeSorbo, 29, in a selective sneak look.

Prior in the episode, Olindo had been conversing with Austen Kroll and his sister, Katie, about DeSorbo’s ill will towards her.

“Paige like, she loathes me or something or is frantic at me, and I was like why?” Olindo said. “It’s horrible, however anything I ought to have been realized I surmise at the same time, I need to simply stop it from the beginning like this is so f-ruler moronic.”

Olindo — who recently connected with Conover, 34 — had enough and requested that DeSorbo visit on the grounds that “obviously there’s a distinction in the event that you’re not kidding.”

During their discussion, DeSorbo made sense of that when Olindo visited with Conover at Patricia Altschul’s home, it “implies that there’s sentiments there.”

“Do you feel when Craig is around that he treats you distinctively on the grounds that I’m there?” she asked, to which Olindo said OK. “Alright, so that additionally hints that you folks have a relationship of some sort.”

After Olindo blames her for “coming at her,” DeSorbo point-clear inquired as to whether she “actually” cares deeply about Conover.

While the two ladies were having their discussion, Conover — the topic of the conversation — named Olindo his “insane f-ruler ex” to the remainder of the gathering.

“She’s now pulled me to the side, presently she’s pulling my sweetheart away,” he made sense of in a confession booth, adding that Olindo is “not terminating on all chambers.”

Conover recently confessed to Page Six that he doesn’t “have a great deal of persistence” for Olindo, whom he dated for around three years until tapping out in 2017.

The Sewing Down South organizer ignited sentiment bits of gossip with DeSorbo the previous summer before they became official in the fall. They’ve been pushing ahead from that point onward.

“Southern Charm” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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