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Byte believes in making websites accessible, accessible. Bite’s oral care platform makes it easier and more affordable for everyone to have the smile and confidence they’ve been dreaming of. A byte is headquartered in Los Angeles. Bite works with a nationwide network of licensed orthodontists and dentists, who prescribe every treatment plan for our at-home, invisible aligners to deliver professional results, at a fraction of the cost of traditional options. Byte says that we have helped people achieve healthier and more confident smiles by improving their lives. 

A byte is a clear aligner company that provides remote treatments to clients who require minimal to moderate dental alignment correction. 

Bite is advancing oral care every day as a recognized member of the BBB with thousands of 5-star reviews and a proud member of the American Teledentistry Association. 

Created by world-renowned celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. John Marashi, Bite’s Smile Science technology designs a personalized smile. Bite’s aligner plans strive to deliver the smile you love with their exclusive HyperBite devices. 

Customer ServiceCall Us:- 1-800-298-363 
Text Us:- 310-272-5019
REQUEST SUPPORT  – 866-765-2327
Social Sites Facebook
headquarterLos Angeles
Customer Service hours7 am – 5 pm PT

Byte Customer Service  

There are 4 ways any customer or individual can talk to Byte. By requesting support on their website, by calling, by text message, and by Facebook message. You can talk to Byte in any of these 4 ways 


You can seek support from Byte’s customer care by visiting the Contact us page on Byte’s official website and clicking on Request Support. Apart from this, the 866-765-2327 number has also been given to call in request support.

byte customer service number 

To call the official website of Byte, 1-800-298-363 number has been given on which you can call and ask the solution to any question related to Byte.  

  • Call Us:– 1-800-298-363  
  • Hours of operation: – 7 am – 5 pm PT
  • 7 days a week
  • Phone support available:- Monday-Friday 

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Text Message

Text us:– 310-272-5019

The number 310-272-5019 has been given for text messaging on the official website of Byte, you can solve any question related to Byte by text messaging on this number.


There is also a Facebook message option on the Contact Us page of the White website, clicking on which you can chat with Byte’s customer service via Facebook message.  

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Byte Social Sites 

Byte plans

Cost of the treatment plan

  • Cost of Impression Kit:- $95
  • Pay Starting – $82
  • Average treatment duration – 4.5 months

Monthly Payment Plan

  • Maximum tenure offered – 32 months

advanced payment

  • Maximum for monthly payment plan – $249
  • Time in business – 6 years
  • Number of Reviews – 7,563 

Byte Tag Reviews

positive bite review 

  • short average treatment length
  • The simple and straightforward treatment process
  • Free Retainers, Whitening & Cleaners
  • payment options
  • Bite-at-Night Options 
  • High-frequency vibration tool included

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Byte Customer Reviews   

Of the 3,600+ Byte reviews on our site, the vast majority of them are positive. Clients mention that they are very satisfied with their bite treatment plan and overall smile results.

* progress in treatment 

My treatment is taking longer than mentioned but I am seeing progress. Slow but progress has been made. There has been some miscommunication along the way on both ends via email but I had a scheduled call with Esmeralda today and she was great. She was friendly. I’m so excited to move forward and see the end result. 

* my smile is fine 

My dentist insisted that the only way to repair the damage caused by braces was to remove teeth. I refused to do that, and then, I heard about Byte. Although I had a slight doubt that it would not work, I decided to give it a try. The site has completely transformed my smile in months, which is something my braces couldn’t do in years. My teeth are now straight and I have the smile I’ve always wanted. I cannot thank Byte enough for helping me heal my smile. 

* I like this company

They were great and my teeth looked so much better! I liked the hyper bite and how the treatment went. My only complaint is that the starting time was wrong and my teeth don’t come out straight. It took several weeks for them to go through customer service to look into my case and re-evaluate and then I had an additional 12 weeks of treatment. I wish things were a little clear. Sometimes you just have to understand how things work. But the customer service reps I’ve spoken to have been very nice and I liked the company and am glad I went with them.  

* byte company is awesome

The process with this company has been very smooth and they have always been there to answer any questions I may have about my treatment. I would recommend Bite to anyone looking for an easy and effective treatment. 

* Byte is easy to use

It was so easy to use! I did Invisalign many years ago. I had to go to the dentist every two weeks. They tell you to wear your last one as a retainer. But I didn’t after a while because it got gross. My teeth went back in a few years. Byte gives you a retainer at the end. You can still use Bright Spray Cleaner, and they make it easy to order more. 

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Byte Customer Service Review

Best Customer Service

Best Customer Service Ever! I did my impressions 11-25 and now my aligners will be 12-19 here! very fast! And getting approved for funding was easy! I thought I was getting it but even with my low credit score, I got approved very quickly! Thanks, guys you rocked.

* Customer service was very helpful and the arrival of the bite aligners was stated to be earlier than expected!  

* Great Customer Service

Great customer service, and answered every question I had in a timely manner. Great guys and so far so good with the aligners! Can’t wait for my new smile. Thanks, Byte!

Byte Customer Service phone number

To call the official website of Byte, 1-800-298-363 number has been given on which you can call and ask the solution to any question related to Byte. Call Us :- 1-800-298-363 Hours of operation: – 7am – 5pm PT

Byte Customer Service hours

Hours of operation: – 7am – 5pm PT7 days a weekPhone support available:- Monday-Friday

Byte Customer Service

There are 4 ways any customer or individual can talk to Byte. By requesting support on their website, by calling, by text message, and by Facebook message. You can talk to Byte in any of these 4 ways.

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