Delta Dental Customer Service Best Phone Number 800-335-8266

If you are a current Delta Dental customer, you have probably called the Delta Dental customer service number 800-335-8266 at some point. So in this post, complete details about Delta Dental customer care number 800-335-8266 are given. 

800-335-8266, Delta Dental Customer Service Number 800-335-8266

Delta Dental Plans Association is a network of dental insurance companies. It is made up of 39 independent Delta Dental members operating in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. These member companies provide coverage to 85 million people. Delta Dental member companies serve more than one-third of the estimated 166 million Americans with dental insurance. While many of the Delta Dental member companies and the Delta Dental Plans Association are non-profit organizations.

Delta DentalDescription
IndustryDental Insurance
HeadquartersOak Brook, IL, USA
Key PeopleJames “Wales” Hutchison, CEO
ProductsDental Insurance
ParentDelta Dental Plan Association

Delta Dental Customer Service Number 800-335-8266

Delta Dental customer service representatives are available to answer questions regarding payment procedures, your dental insurance, claim submission, changes to your contact information, or other issues. If you are insured through an employer, please select the state where the company’s headquarters is located. Also, select the state you live in if you have individual insurance. 

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delta care

Phone Number: 617-886-1234 

Toll-Free Number:- 800-872-0500 

Fax Number: – 617-886-1199  

Hours:- Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST 


Delta Dental of MA

PO Box 2907

Milwaukee, WI 53201-2907

Fax Number: 617-886-1199

Professional relationship

Phone number: 617-886-1009

Toll-Free Number: 800-451-1249 x61009

Fax Number: 617-886-1414

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST


Provider Operation

Phone Number: 617-886-1160

Toll-Free Number: 800-451-1249 x61160

Fax Number: 617-886-1414

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST


employer group sales

Phone Number: 617-886-1100

Toll-Free Number: 800-335-8287


media inquiries 

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Delta Dental Social Sites 

Locations: St. Louis, MOSaint Louis, MO

Delta Dental companies by state

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana,

Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Texas, Utah

Delta Dental Insurance Company

P.O. Box 1809

Alpharetta, GA 30023-1809


Payer #94276


Delta Dental of Alaska

See Delta Dental of Oregon


Delta Dental of Arizona

P.O. Box 43026

Phoenix, AZ 85080


Payer #86027


Delta Dental of Arkansas

P.O. Box 15965

North Little Rock, AR 72231-5965


Payer #CDAR1


Delta Dental of California

P.O. Box 997330

Sacramento, CA 95899-7330


Payer #77777


Delta Dental of Colorado

P.O. Box 173803

Denver, CO 80217-3803


Payer #84056


Delta Dental of Delaware, Inc.

Payer #51022

See Delta Dental of Pennsylvania 

District of Columbia

Delta Dental of the District of Columbia

Payer #52147

See Delta Dental of Pennsylvania


Hawaii Dental Service

700 Bishop Street, Suite 700

Honolulu, HI 96813


Payer #99010


Delta Dental of Idaho

P.O. Box 2870

Boise, ID 83701


Payer #82029


Delta Dental of Illinois

P.O. Box 5402

Lisle, IL 60532


Payer #05030


Delta Dental of Indiana


See Delta Dental of Michigan


Delta Dental of Iowa

P.O. Box 9000

Johnston, IA 50131-9000


Payer #CDIA1


Delta Dental of Kansas

P.O. Box 789769

Wichita, KS 67278-9769


Payer #E3960 


Delta Dental of Kentucky

P.O. Box 242810

Louisville, KY 40224-2810


Pay #CDKY1

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont

Northeast Delta Dental

P.O. Box 2002

Concord, NH 03302-2002


Payer #02027


Delta Dental of Massachusetts

P.O. Box 2907

Milwaukee, WI 53201-2907


Payer #04614


Delta Dental of Michigan

P.O. Box 9085

Farmington Hills, MI 48333-9085



Minnesota, North Dakota

Delta Dental of Minnesota

P.O. Box 59238

Minneapolis, MN 55459-0238


Payer #07000

MN dentists must file electronically


Delta Dental of Missouri

P.O. Box 8690

St. Louis, MO 63126-0690


Payer #43090 


Delta Dental of Nebraska


Payer #07025

See Delta Dental of Minnesota

New Jersey, Connecticut

Delta Dental of New Jersey

P.O. Box 222

Parsippany, NJ 07054-0222


Payer #22189

New Mexico

Delta Dental of New Mexico

2500 Louisiana Blvd. N.E. Suite 600

Albuquerque, NM 87110


Payer #85022

New York

Delta Dental of New York, Inc.

Payer #11198

See Delta Dental of Pennsylvania

North Carolina

Delta Dental of North Carolina


Payer #56101

See Delta Dental of Michigan


Delta Dental of Ohio



See Delta Dental of Michigan


Delta Dental of Oklahoma

P.O. Box 54709

Oklahoma City, OK 73154-1709


Payer #22229 or CDOK1 


Delta Dental of Oregon

601 SW 2nd Avenue

Portland, OR 97204-3154


Pay #CDOR1

Pennsylvania, Maryland

Delta Dental of Pennsylvania

P.O. Box 2105

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-6999


Payer #23166

Puerto Rico

Delta Dental of Puerto Rico

P.O. Box 9020992

San Juan, PR 00902-0992


Payer #660436769

Rhode Island

Delta Dental of Rhode Island

P.O. Box 1517

Providence, RI 02901-1517


Payer #05029

South Carolina

Delta Dental of South Carolina


Payer #43091

See Delta Dental of Missouri

South Dakota

Delta Dental of South Dakota

P.O. Box 1157

Pierre, SD 57501


Payer #54097 


Delta Dental of Tennessee

240 Venture Circle

Nashville, TN 37228-1699


Payer #CDTN1


Delta Dental of Virginia

4818 Starkey Road

Roanoke, VA 24018


Payer #54084


Delta Dental of Washington

P.O. Box 75983

Seattle, WA 98175-0983


Payer #91062

West Virginia

Delta Dental of West Virginia, Inc.

Payer #31096

See Delta Dental of Pennsylvania


Delta Dental of Wisconsin

P.O. Box 828

Stevens Point, WI 54481-0828


Payer #39069


Delta Dental of Wyoming

P.O. Box 29

Cheyenne, WY 82003-0029


Payer #07027  

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Delta Dental Customer Review 

All the reviews given below are the reviews given by the customers of Delta Dental:- 

If I call this insurance company…

If I could give this insurance company a minus star, I would. These people are scam artists. They say one thing on their website and when it comes to payment, they decline most procedures or pay a fraction of the cost. stay away from this company 

worst company

Worst company. Taking money from pocket only. I canceled the auto pay on Aug 2021 but they continued to charge my bank card for 3 months after that. Now I have to pay heavy charges to the bank as this bank card should not be charged any fee 

*The company canceled me

The company canceled me when my credit card autopay was turned off because someone stole my credit card number. I explained this to him and he didn’t care. I said I could not upgrade for 6 months except in the middle of surgery for an infected tooth. they are the worst 

*Do not use Delta Dental

Delta Dental makes every effort to avoid covering what it should cover. This time they withheld our claim, requesting proof of coverage denial from our primary medical insurance company. As a result, we are forced to pay the entire amount (several thousand) from our pocket.

If you plan on using Delta Dental, be aware that they will put many obstacles in your way to avoid paying anything they promise to pay.

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Please do not use Delta Dental

Please don’t use Delta Dental. They are terrible at paying their claims. Filed a claim in May. , It is October now and they still will not pay the claim and keep asking for the same information again and again. Then promise that the payment will be made the next day. , But so far the next day has turned into months without change. Please employers don’t do this to your employees!! They only want the business to get a premium, but your employees will panic 

I have two insurances with Delta Dental

I have two insurances with Delta Dental. They will not cover a procedure that is clinically proven after 15 years. Filed an appeal and it was a fugitive. I have had two dentists because the first one stopped working with them, and now the second one has done the same. So they are messing with the dentist and the patient. Good. I want to continue sharing my voice. 

He lied about everything

I carefully reviewed the dental insurance sponsored by AARP. The agent flat-out lied to me. Misled me on every occasion. Once I realized I was “done” I canceled the next day. They say they will refund my deposit. He lied about everything so why should I believe it?! Don’t be a fool Don’t waste your precious time. Avoid these scammers. 

Be prepared to wait for hours! 

Customer Service: Be prepared to wait hours! Don’t like the hustle and bustle of customer service? Spend some time with an agent… He takes notes and then passes you on to the next agent who has no idea why you’re on the line. Back to Square 1! Then when they can’t help but fix the situation… back to Q w/ you! Product: I pay monthly premiums through my employer, what do I get for this? Essentially just brush my teeth, that’s it! Worse, an implant? expect nothing! I would give up my dental insurance. To think I paid a high premium too! 

This is the worst!

I had a Delta a few years back, and no problems. This time I try to make contact. Not only is it nearly impossible to find the phone for customer service, but you are also put on hold forever! After getting the final number, I chose an option for a call-back. They call back and before I can get the information I need the phone goes dead from their end. No hang-up, just a total dead zone. Call back and I’m on hold again for 15 minutes, try to enter a number to call back, but the message says I need to be put on hold. After 15 minutes I hung up the phone. I’m telling you it’s the worst!

I’ve been duped

So my dentist ran up a bill to these clowns and got a total of $3KI back enough money to cover the gas cost to and from the dental surgery. I understand my dentist is out of network but this is ridiculous and a rip-off. After talking to customer service I felt like I have been cheated and needed to take a shower. To be honest, I should have written this review years ago. I get this insurance through work and it has always been so bad.  

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How do I find my Delta Dental Member ID?

You can find your Member ID number on your ID card or you can log in to the Delta Dental Mobile App to view the ID card. Even after doing all these, if you are not able to get your ID number, then you can contact Delta Dental Company.

Does Delta Dental Premier cover Invisalign?

Yes, Delta Dental does cover Invisalign, but it depends on whether or not orthodontic benefits are included in the insurance plan’s contract. You should read the fine print in an insurance contract to make sure orthodontics and Invisalign are included benefits. As long as it says it is a provided benefit, you will have coverage for Invisalign through Delta Dental.

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