Q. Which company has unveiled India’s first LNG fueled green truck, on 2nd September 2022?
A. Chevron Corporation
C. exxonmobil
D. Blue Energy Motors
Answer – Blue Energy Motors
• Blue Energy Motors unveiled India’s first LNG-fueled green truck on 2 September 2022.
• The truck manufacturing facility is located at Chakan near Pune.
• The facility was inaugurated by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari.
• The trucks from Blue Energy Motors will be liquefied natural gas-powered, long-haul, heavy-duty trucks.

Q. Who has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Starbucks in September 2022?
A. Lakshman Narasimha
B. Saathisan K. Raju
C. Sneha Gahlo
D. Ravi Patil
Answer – Laxman Narasimhan
Popular international cafe chain Starbucks has named Indian-origin Laxman Narasimhan as its new Chief Executive Officer.
• Narasimhan will join Starbucks on October 1, 2022, replacing Howard Schultz, who will remain as interim chief until April 2023.
Prior to this, Narasimhan served as the chief executive of Reckitt Benckiser.
• The US-based Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world.

Q. Which state government has launched the e-governance portal “Samarth” in August 2022?
A. Himachal Pradesh
B. Sikkim
C. Arunachal Pradesh
D. Uttarakhand
Answer – D. Uttarakhand
• Uttarakhand Education Department launched an e-governance portal “Samarth” in August 2022. ,
• It will provide all administrative and educational updates including information on entrance exams and placements from 5 state universities and 140 public schools.
• It has been launched to make the education system in the state more transparent.

Q. Which state government has launched ‘Mahila Nidhi’ loan scheme for women only in August 2022?
A. Rajasthan
B. Punjab
C. Haryana
D. Gujarat
Answer – Rajasthan
• Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has launched ‘Mahila Nidhi’, a loan scheme for women only.
• It has been launched to ensure availability of credit to women for starting new business.
• The scheme will disburse loans up to Rs 40,000 within 48 hours and above Rs 40,000 within 15 days.
• After Telangana, Rajasthan has become the second state in the country to set up the Mahila Nidhi scheme.

Q. In which state, the agricultural festival named ‘Nuakhai’ is celebrated?
A. West Bengal
B. Goa
C. Karnataka
D. Odisha
Answer – Odisha
Nuakhai is an agricultural festival mainly celebrated by the people of Odisha.
• This festival is celebrated to welcome the new season of rice.
Nuakhai is a combination of two words which signify eating new rice, ‘Nua’ meaning new and ‘Khai’ meaning food.
• It is celebrated on the next day of Ganesh Chaturthi festival and in 2022 it was celebrated on 1st September 2022.

Q. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will be on a four-day visit to India from 5 September 2022. Who is the President of Bangladesh?
A. Hamid Ansari
B. abdul hameed
C. Arun Khetrapal
D. salma ansari
Answer – Abdul Hameed
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will be on a four-day visit to India from 5 September 2022.
• She will hold bilateral consultations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
• She had earlier visited India in October 2019.
• From the Indian side, former Indian President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh between March and December 2021.

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