Intuit Best Customer Care Number 1-800-446-8848

If you are a current Intuit customer you should also know about Intuit Customer Service and the 1-800-446-8848 number. In this post, complete details about Intuit Customer Service & 1-800-446-8848 are given.

Intuit is a financial services company that provides a variety of financial services, such as tax preparation software, accounting software, and personal budgeting software. It was founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx. Intuit employs 8,300 people worldwide and has 24 locations in 11 countries. 

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Intuit Description
TypeTraded as public
Industry enterprise software
Established 1983; 40 years ago Palo Alto, California, US
Founder Scott Cook Tom Proulx
HeadquartersMountain View, California, US 37°25’38″N 122°5’47″W
Key People Sasan Gudarzi (CEO), Scott Cook (Chairman)
Products Personal Finance
Accounting Software Tax Return Software
Revenuegrowth US$12.726 billion (2022)
Operating income growth to US$2.571 billion (2022)
Net income growth US$2.066 billion (2022)
Net asset growth US$27.734 billion (2022)Number of employees 17,300 (2022)
Total equity raise US$16.441 billion (2022)
Number of employees 17,300 (2022)

Intuit Customer Service 

Intuit has several methods to help you get in touch with a customer service representative. A helpful representative can assist you if you need help with your account or have any questions about their products.

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Intuit Phone Number – 1-800-446-8848

You can contact different departments of Intuit through different phone numbers. The list of all the numbers of Intuit customer service is given below –  

Service Number
Customer Service1-800-446-8848

Intuit Email Address

Intuit’s customer service does not provide an email address for several departments; But you can contact Intuit’s customer service team through social media accounts, phone, and website contact forms.

intuit mailing address

If you wish to contact Intuit in writing regarding any issue or question you may have. It could mean that you have a problem that needs the CEO’s attention. To solve the problem, you can send your correspondence to the following addresses: –

intuit inc

2700 Coast Avenue

Mountain View, CA 94043

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Intuit Customer Support Website

Intuit provides support for its subsidiaries on its websites. This is a great way to get in touch with a customer support specialist to get quick help with your issue. To do this, visit Intuit’s support page and select the service you require from the gray box at the top.

Apart from this, you can also visit personal assistant sites like:

You can contact TurboTax through their contact form by visiting TurboTax Intuit’s support page at.

You can get a variety of help for their QuickBooks by visiting their QuickBooks support page at. Here you can watch tutorials and webinars, test demos, browse the FAQ section, take training classes, and contact the company for more information. 

You can find various types of help for ProConnect by visiting the ProConnect Help pageHere you can select the product you need help with and you can also browse community topics here.

You can get various types of help for Mint through mint’s help pageHere you can type a question in the search box and browse a list of questions.

Intuit Social Media Accounts

Intuit has accounts on all major social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and you can get an immediate response if you go to any of Intuit’s social media sites to report a problem. 

Intuit Social MediaLink
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here
YouTubeClick Here
LinkedInClick Here
Google+Click Here

Intuit Subsidiaries 

Intuit has several subsidiaries in the financial services industry:

TurboTax: TurboTax is one of the most popular tax software packages in the United States. It provides tax preparation software for personal and business use. 

QuickBooks: It offers an accounting software package for small and medium-sized businesses. With this, the software accepts payments, pays bills, and takes care of payroll.

ProConnect: Provides tax preparation software for accountants preparing tax returns for their clients.

Mint: It provides web-based personal finance management services. Users track bank, investment, credit card, and loan balances.

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Intuit Customer Service Reviews 

All the reviews given below are the reviews given by the customers of Intuit – 

* Their helpline is not 2 hours…

Nothing is happening on their helpline for 2 hours. My employee is not getting paid continuously as his app is not working. You get transferred to someone who says it’s not the successor department, have a terrible day with an angry person who doesn’t want to deal with you, even though your employee isn’t getting paid because of their fault app being done, and then transferred to someone who puts you on hold, asks for your company ID, puts you on hold again, and then comes back to whomever you are asking for your ID. It is indeed a pit of hell that should be no part of it. Don’t use them if you want to keep your sanity 

* This is the worst customer service on the planet…

You find that they are not paying your taxes, yet taking money from your business. Trying to get a supervisor is impossible. They constantly drop calls when you are on hold for hours. Stay away from them! 

* If I could give zero stars, I would do so…

If I could give zero stars I would not be up to standard it is almost impossible to do one small thing and he resets your password oh my god why is this so hard it must be simple I hate it why not forget one here offer password button send to email click on the link and be able to reset danger Why am I looking contact support then no chatbot available or it’s nothing good. 

These agents are not properly trained

These agents are not properly trained. They have no idea about their product. It’s very frustrating when you’re in the middle of payroll and have a deadline. I have spent hours on the phone for something that should have taken minutes to solve if trained properly. 

Intuit used to get a lot of support

Intuit used to get a lot of support. These past two months have been worse than terrible. Called back after 20 minutes, but could not hear the person on the line. Disconnected. Re-registered and now waiting for a call back in 48 minutes. I’d bet the USA switched support to save money. 

INTUIT has the worst customer service

Worst Customer Service! Our company changed bank accounts. At the time of the transition, Intuit Online Payroll attempted to withhold a payroll tax of $1.85. This prompted Intuit to place our account “on hold” and I spent 4.5 hours on the phone with Intuit customer service. 

I have followed every email instruction they provided. With the penalty and fee, a $1.85 withdrawal required a wire payment of $265.35 from my bank plus a $25.00 wire fee. That was 3 days ago! I received an email from Intuit that said, and I quote, “Your account is now active and no longer on hold”. it is not true! Our account is still on hold. There is no human being you can talk to who can fix the situation. 

Double charged for 6 months…

I have been charged double for the 6 months that I have been paying for the subscription. In the bank statement, they are – twin payments. The contact form disallowed me from claiming multiple payments, so I tried to claim just one, but got an email saying my issue didn’t fall under their terms of service for compensation.

Garbage Customer Service

Garbage Customer Service. The migration from desktop to online has left me with no way to get my W-2s or file my year-end tax forms. All my books are closed, not half the category, so any reports would be useful as a one-armed wallpaper hanger. They want me to buy a new subscription to payroll as well as a new desktop annual fee of $1,349.00 just to have access to the information they screwed up, plus a damn thing for anyone understanding me Translator is required. Ruined my whole day from one chat to phone call to chat to call. 

Worst customer service I…

Worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. Good luck getting someone to help you out without getting transferred over 10 times. That, and after being on the call with a representative who told me “we don’t have a billing department at Intuit” (what?!) the call was dropped. I just wanted to know why I am being charged hundreds of dollars for each invoice paid. They will rob small businesses of money and then tell you “we can’t tell you what this fee is for” and move you into oblivion until you want to gouge out your own eyes. Save yourself and choose any other company you can. 

I have never had worse customer support than this…

I have never had a worse customer support experience in my entire life. It’s amazing how bad it is, I can’t think of a case that compares anywhere.

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